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Yein Post at 29-12-2011 11:36


i don't know how to use mol point please help me

1.Can we use mol point for jx2?
2.what value do they have as in, RM49=450 jpoint
3.can i buy RM400 point?
4.how to reload
5.how to transfer inside jx2.


T-ara Post at 29-12-2011 17:08

try contact this guy at facebook and ask him to transfer to your account =) [url]https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001756546580[/url]

GModerator1 Post at 29-12-2011 17:33

MyCard is usable for jx2.
If you buy from MOL, check the following link:
Click [url]http://amazing.gameflier.com.my/index.php?select=guide&type=reload[/url] the reload guide

Infinity817 Post at 29-12-2011 18:02

it's easy, register an id in [url]www.mol.com[/url] and purchase mycard from jx2 category.
afterwards check ur e-mail for the point card's code and password
finally, reload like usually at [url]www.ipoint.com[/url]

u can purchase mol point from any nearest 7-11 store, however the option for the amount u want is not a problem

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