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chayjeong Post at 21-1-2011 19:56

Discuss Guillotine Cross Stat Build Here.

Good day to all Sifus, Brother, Sister, Mei-mei, Didi , Uncle and Aunties.
I would like to ask how the stat of guillotine cross can be added?? quite confuse with his skill tho... Reply in english is much more appreciated because i don't know which chinese skill for guillotine cross is which for english skill thanks =)

Sato Post at 22-1-2011 14:54

no ppl willing to share xD

ozenly Post at 22-1-2011 15:13

自己去研究研究,别只要求别人教哦 -〉


chayjeong Post at 22-1-2011 15:22

just wnat to know guillotine cross is mainly str? or int? or luk? thanks

ozenly Post at 22-1-2011 15:38


tckidz Post at 22-1-2011 19:12

pure dmg,full str full dex XD

chayjeong Post at 22-1-2011 21:57

normally what people will play? i don't know about anything about guillotine cross because first time try the new job. I saw alot people playing Critical de wo. but critical de G.X good? or got othre build?

ozenly Post at 22-1-2011 22:07

CRI GX best in DPS..and CRI is perfect hitting..so u dun need to worry about high flee job or mob..but CRI damage is now get reduction from Def..and for sum ppl..CRI GX is boring as u dun hav much skills to use becuz u hav no dex so ur hit will be low..

Skill GX has a few types..depends on wat skill u are combo-ing..this type of GX has 1 thng tat we call ”瞬间爆发力“.mean u can gv out a high damage in a sec..but most of GX skills has a 1~2secs after skill delay..and if u dun hav much sp pot..u'r hard to spam skills...

there is another type which we called 小鸡刺, which play Critical with Katar while wearing a 小鸡帽 which gv u lv2(all jobs)/lv10(if u learned lv10 double attack) double attack..so u will Critical all the way and double attack in 50% rate...but this type is not really gud in PVP/GVG as u cant really hit high flee job when double attack...

so to makes thngs up..u have to change weapon/armor in different circumstances for better output..

chayjeong Post at 23-1-2011 00:48

so... does crit/skill GX add the same stat?

ozenly Post at 23-1-2011 00:59

ofcuz nt...cri need cri..skill need hit...ofcuz different stats....

Princekuku Post at 23-1-2011 01:56

Do anyone still play SBK?

fallen Post at 23-1-2011 02:14

sbk sure got pople ..but here few i think course all see 3rb job d for now on@@

chayjeong Post at 23-1-2011 15:24

yeah i think 3rd job stronger. but if play skills need luk also?

ozenly Post at 23-1-2011 16:03

try to mix and match between luk and dex for highest hit rate u can get...and luk + str for highest damage..luk really worth those points.....

chayjeong Post at 23-1-2011 16:08

means a GX how also need Str, Agi,Vit,Dex n Luk? just see which is high or which is low only right? no need a single int right?

ozenly Post at 23-1-2011 16:30

ya..it's kinda like tat...after all..even a CRI GX will want to up dex for other purposes...

i myself was planning to a pure CRI GX...but den i saw the drawback being a pure CRI..so now i'm changing slowly into a kinda hybrid 1...using a 跳跃的小鸡..lvling is better now..but this type of GX can't jz Normal Atk in PVP/GVG except u change back a pure CRI GX if ur stats wasn't mess up...

if u'r feeling lag of sp when spamming CI or other skills..u can up INT for recovery de...but not really worth...
for an example la...Runeknight up INT...not jz for Recovery..but also for his skill's damage...
but GX...INT oni helps in Soul Breaker's Damage...so points into INT juz for the recovery..not really worth...jz spam pots will do...

chayjeong Post at 24-1-2011 14:33

I think GX can play Crit and CI build... With currently Luk change... You add a luk to a number it will also increase your hit rate by alot, while abit dex can really pump up all your hit rate and cause you to play CI build and Crit build. So I wondering, can i pump agi, luk, str , dex , vit? I think at the late stage GX ~> Str>Vit>Agi>Luk>Dex, actually i plan to play hybird also, because at this server, they sell edp by RM not Zenny... How can i afford like this? except i go make a luk dex sinx to make those edp potions right? and i wanna ask is it a GX completely useless without EDP?

ozenly Post at 25-1-2011 16:50

1st of all..GX not s*cks without EDP ofcuz...summore...now EDP didn't times ur damage but add after ur basic damage...so it doesn't same like last time u will get 4x of ur damage..but GX's skills still outstanding with current's EDP situation... even without EDP..u still be able to spam CI with abit of trick and kill opponents in juz a secs....GX's advantages are his ASPD and Skill Spammability(dun even have this word tho).

Ur planning of ur stats looks ok for me..
there are actually sum rules or suggested stats tat muz be fixed at sum point.
V to 100(include the extra points get from lv50 joblvl and other cards or EQ)
      Reason = to immune Stun
L to 100 (include cards and EQ)
      Reason = to immune Curse
D to a Multiply of 5
      Reason = sum said every multiply of 5 increase stats
S to >=90 and Multiply of 10
      Reason = every multiply of 10 increase ur Weapon Attack
A to >=90
      Reason = For Thief Ring's Effect

so from my point of view..the stats actually goes sumthng like this when u'r lv150: S=A=V>L>D or maybe like this: L>S=A=V>D.
for my opinion i think there is actually 2 kinds of built for GX's stats, tat is with D or Without D.
so u hav to calculate urself lo....

PS: D +Hit +Atk + Matk +ASPD
      L +Hit +Atk +Matk +Perfect Dodge + Critical +Flee +Immunity to certain status.


chayjeong Post at 26-1-2011 15:17

hmm i know but i don't plan to max my luck to 100 but just add to 77 + buffs to get 100 ??  Agi 90 is enough d right? Str plan to 100... other i still thinking now i my character are using to farm money.

ozenly Post at 14-2-2011 09:36


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