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BearPop Post at 24-2-2011 19:02

ArchBishop Job Change problem ~ T.T

at  Umbala quest, meet the priest , then need input a sentence !!!
I'm here for the Holy Pilgrimage is not valid ..
i'm stuck on there ..

lazyboy Post at 24-2-2011 21:15


BearPop Post at 25-2-2011 00:48

oh .. then how to write chinese in RO ?

EmoRyo Post at 25-2-2011 01:02


stupidbrain Post at 25-2-2011 01:03

haiz....im worst....i cnt meet the NPC at the particular place...wtf....this GM really a noob ka...what also got problem....................fuck looooo

BearPop Post at 25-2-2011 01:27

thx a lot .. i finally can taip in chinese

lionchiew Post at 25-2-2011 11:06

[b] [url=http://forum.gameflier.com.my/bbs/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=141311&ptid=9286]5#[/url] [i]stupidbrain[/i] [/b]

u are probably went to a wrong place.. or u miss a quest
arch bishop job change quest should b no problem until last part..

lennon Post at 6-3-2011 00:14

how to kill the valkyie? my summon atk so low..

calciver Post at 6-3-2011 00:37

use heal kill
need to kill 2 vakyrie and just ignore the mob on the way, if u got ky more better, easy kill and run

Brianwkh Post at 6-3-2011 02:13

i kil both undead valk liao then walk to middle thr... conversation come out, but im still not yet arch bishop~ wtf ???

lennon Post at 6-3-2011 02:41

eq the accessory , then walk around the middle of valk there.. will help u change job.. I just manage to change. = =

calciver Post at 6-3-2011 02:58

dont walk too fast to middle part, will cause u dc..

if only 1 conversation then reverse abit from middle part and walk into there again and remember wear the neck that npc gv u after 2nd valkyrie

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