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GForum Rules

1. Do not engage in activities prohibited by law.
2. Do not discuss, distribute, or link to pirated software, pornography or any other material which is prohibited by any law.
3. Do not post political or religious topics anywhere in the forums. Do not spread political, racial or religious issues anywhere in the forums.
4. Do not spam, post unconstructively or open multiple threads with similar messages.
5. Do not make any commercially orientated posts without prior permission from an administrator. Do not post any referral links, either on the boards or in your signature.
6. Do not use profanities or vulgarities, sexual innuendos, sexist or discriminating comments of any nature.
7. Do not discusss private server and unofifcial program anywhere in the forums.
8. Do not post personal or private information of another person. This includes the real name, a photograph, phone number, address, employment history whether or not that information is publicly available. Do respect the privacy of others.

Violates of any rules will result in a temporary suspension of your account which includes all posting privileges and PM access. Multiple violation may result in permanent suspension of your account.

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