Ragnarok 3rd Job Renewal

The first Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game in Malaysia and Singapore has growth with many players for 8 years. Now, the most anticipate update version will be launching in March. The 3rd Job Profession, The Renewal System, The Special Riding and many others is awaiting feature at 23rd March 2011.  

The Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser, Mechanic, Geneticist, Arch Bishop, Minstrel, Wanderer, Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Warlock, Sorcerer, Ranger, Sura, total of 13 3rd job professions will be opened in the Ragnarok 3rd Job Renewal Version. After player go through the relevant testing, the 2nd profession can upgrade to the corresponding 3rd job profession and learn the specialize skill.

Besides the 3rd job profession, the whole game system is renewed to improve the playability. The experiences requirement to level is reduced radically and bonus experience is given for fighting monster within suitable range of level. This change has shortened the leveling period of player significantly to encourage participating activities after leveling.

Furthermore, the renewal game system has renewed skill formula, monster attribute, equipment defense, novice training guideline, partial skill effect and. The user interface has simplified to ease the use and control. In addition, a new guidance quest system named Eden Group is launched to lead the newcomer to recognize the world of Ragnarok and provide suitable for them.   

The new riding system is the special content implement is Ragnarok 3rd Job Renewal. Besides the Rune Knight, Rayal Guard, Ranger and Mechanic having theirs job rider, the remaining job can ride on the special rider!!

To celebrate the launching of Ragnarok 3rd Job Renewal, we have prepared a series of events to enjoy with all faithful players, stay tune with the information in Ragnarok Website at http://ro3.gameflier.com.my

Register Guide: http://ro.gameflier.com.my/Action/2009413/Ro_ipoint_welcome.html

Download Guild
New Player: http://files.gameflier.com.my/files/RagnarokRenewal.rar
Renewal Update Patch: http://files.gameflier.com.my/files/EP13.2ToRenewalUpdate.rar Post Last Edit by GF_Station at 21-3-2011 15:32

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Rui[Poring King II]
FRo or Sara?
Both FRO and Sara

the new website looks cool and neat, but i hope they did not only improve the website, i hope they improve their server too
Rui Post at 18-3-2011 19:44
Zai zhi bian jiang YING WEN ke yi ma ?

Can you speak ENGLISH here ?

Boleh cakap ENGLISH x ?


maaari kang magsalita ng Ingles dito?

여기서 영어 통화할 수 있을까요?
Event link is not working .
some of the link havent activate
I Love Malaysia
because they wait renewal first.

Lol so u r the same person at LYN..

http://forum.lowyat.net/index.ph ... post&p=40840950
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