how and where to make large baphomet horn?

im confused and kept searched web for this problems....i hope u guys can help me solve it...
bro ko kena ada cursed bapho doll...dpt dari great demon baphomet
Upon killing Baphomet, one can gather items to make the headgear, Baphomet Horns. Required to make the Baphomet Horns are:

1. With a Cursed Baphomet Doll in your inventory, speak with Friar Patrick,

2. Speak with Rust Blackhand (prt_monk 261,91) with the following items to make a Giant Majestic Goat.

1 Cursed Baphomet Doll
1 Magestic Goat
30 Crystal of Darkness
50 Fragment of Darkness
990,000 Zeny

*taken from
better place for RO discussion, i believe
adele so pro
I Love Malaysia
kalau dapat kill great demon bapho no hal la nak buat
faiz...itu xde maslah
adele thanks for ur info..=]
wow! tlg carikan aku 1
carik? /gg

aku beli la..berapa ko nak jual...harga member2 sudah
each large baba horn rm300 leh  = =
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