Did you know that? - Bravery Bag [1]

Greetings..I have interesting info to share with you guys regarding this new item Bravery Bag [1]

Malaysian RO Version

2576#Bravery Bag [1]#
A small backpack with essential item for adventure. You can travel to anywhere with it.
Series : Garment
Defense : 20
Weight : 20
Level Requirement : 1
Job : All Job

Korean RO version

2576#Adventurer's Backpack [1]#
Enables use of Greed Level 1
If base STR is 90+, ATK+20 (if refine +9, +10ATK more)
If base AGI is 90+, Increase ASPD +8% (if refine +9, ASPD+1)
If base VIT is 90+, +5% neutral resist (if refine +9, +5% more neutral resist)
If base INT is 90+, MATK+30 (if refine +9, +20MATK more)
If base DEX is 90+, +5% range attack (if refine +9, +5% more range attack)
If base LUK is 90+, +10% critical damage (if refine +9, +5% more critical damage)
Class : Garment
Defense : 20
Weight : 20
Required Level : 1
Applicable Job : Every Job

China RO version

Adventurers essential items with a small backpack, with it can rampage unhindered by.
Class : costume Clothes
Defense : 20
Location: ±
Weight : 20
Required level : 1
Jobs : All

So, did you know that?
Ok, that's for today..have a nice day guys ^_^ Post Last Edit by smallvill3 at 20-10-2011 08:48

1# smallvill3

damn !!! for sure kRo is the original setting for this bag~~~
Just like this

Malaysia RO

A square shaped exotic shield. There is a Gem which is specialized to defense Physical force.
If it refined over 5, will give 1% tolerance on property Neutral attack.
(This bonus would work up to +12, 7%)
Class : Shield
Def : 55
Weight : 70
Required Level : 1
Jobs : All

Korea Ragnarok

Each refine above 5 adds 1% neutral element resistance. (To a max of +12).
If refined to +7 or higher, adds an additional 5% neutral resistance.
If refined to +9 or higher, adds 5% resistance to Earth/Fire/Water/Wind elements.

is no wrong

2576#Adventurer's Backpack [1]#
Enables use of Greed Level 1    <<<tis at twro is remove. mro dun know, maybe same remove.
demand for KRO setting's bravery bag~ XD
do u know euro ro setting for that shield is different too haha
im sure novice can kill me at pvp if got more item release like tht..
sure alot of imba with kro version eq~~
why malaysia de item so sampah??
suck money
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