JX2 KH Cambodia 5 Element

Dear All guy in jx2 Msia

If u wanna play jx2 v3 5element pls contact to me I'm guy from Cambodia or u can register at this link: https://mysabay.com/account/login
If u guy wanna buy JP in Cambodia please send $ by bank use western union to me i will help guy to play jx in Cambodia.
Don't worry I'm not lie all guy
1000gold=7.5$ or 8$ in new server Oudong
10000gold = 7.5$ or 8$ in old server like Nokor Sabay, Moha Nokor and Norkor Chey
But old server have a lot of items hack copy or cheat.
Remember some item in Imperil Street (JP) they are more expensive than player like:
Kirin Pill, Dragon blood pill, Commander pill, and pill for make school contribution reach 8000 i forgot name
they pill u just use gold to buy is cheap.
my name in ID card is Nhav Leang Pheng
my hero at server Oudong name : Redlable_DDK (SM)
For more information u can contract me by mobile +85592 837007 of by skype:Nhave Leang Pheng

Hope all of guy enjoy it

bye bye
Jx2. KH balik kampung jor lol...
Eh yo Clover_Pop,

In JX2 KH, do you know to get outfits from Thousand Change Box with stats? For an example:

Hat     Outfit with stat +30 VIT
Armor Outfit with stat +30 VIT or Int/Ext atk +7%,
Pants Outfit with stat +30 VIT or HP +10%, etc...

I've trying to ask around in KH, but majority of them don't seem to know English well enough to help me or they just don't know... And for some old reason, I can't post on KH forum... weird... I know u need some kind of item to fuse it... do u know what kind of item is that, and where to get the item? THX!!!!! Post Last Edit by Anh_Minh at 17-11-2011 09:05

Game Nick: Anh_Minh SM.  From: USA, Southern California.
Hi Anh_Minh

For more information in thousand change box please go to this like:http://jx.sabay.com.kh/en/home/8-articles/54-overload-token

I'm looking for your replay soon.

From Clover_Pop
Hi Anh_Minh

U need overload token for exchange silver card gold card and platinum card.

Overload token get fro predict animal.

Bye Bye
WTF in jx2  5Element

Do 5 element lv5 all ready spend money lots of than spend money for repair too
repair 1 time need 5000g or 7000g WTF
one month need repair one time or two times.

But old sever good for this server they have gold lots of cuz they hack.
my hero old server had god 150000g

Playing need to spend much more money fucking game.
can provide pic of 5 element eq & stats...tq..just wanna view
Oh I  see... So u need Flower Box to activate it.  Thx a lot Clover_Pop.  

It is your own personal choice to spend your money into any game. No one forces you or makes u spend cash into the game; therefore, you can not blame the game or GM.  I know many people play this game (JX2 Malay, JX2 KH, and JX2 Vietnam), and they don't spend much money into it and still enjoy the game.  

Huruan - 5 Elements is not an eq lolx. It is a bonus stats which need to be maintain monthly or every 2-3 weeks.  The 5 element endurance is 120/120.. slowly the number goes to 0/120, then it's time to maintain if you wish.  I heard it's very expensive to maintain for lvl 5 Elements stats, especially lvl 5.  

Here is a picture I just SS from my BC on 5 Element screen.

5 Elements has 5 lvls... lvl 1, lvl 2,...,lvl is 5.  Its kinda like weapon soul... Post Last Edit by Anh_Minh at 18-11-2011 08:16

Game Nick: Anh_Minh SM.  From: USA, Southern California.
Tats cool
Yer a pheng a Juy maray koun me kondouy heng louch sy kroav phong hah a juy maray a ort pouch.
Hero maray heng douch arch
sot te oy ke send money by bank a juy maray a toak teap
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