Its kinda answering my own question.. bt since i gt it already might as well share it with u guys..

im using GIMP to resize big picture to 24 x 24 size with bmp format

here r the steps to do it.. (both tool box n layer window must be on)

1. on the menu bar.. select File n New (or jz press ctrl+N)
2. upon selecting New, a window will pop up.. on this window, select the size if your new image.. (if guild emblem then its 24 x24)
3. click the advance option menu, and on the fill with option.. select White
4. click OK, a 24x24 white image should nw appear at center of the screen
5. select the File on the menu bar again but this time click the "Open as new layer" menu
6. Select your file
7. after selecting your file, on the tool box window.. select the scale tool..
8. after selecting the scale tool, click on the picture u want to resize
9. after clicking, change the size of the picture to 24 x 24
10. then, click on the move tools and move your resized picture to the center of the screen
( where the 24 x 24 mentioned at num 4 is)
11. on the layer window, rite click on the "background" layer and select flatten image

to save it as bmp
1 after selecting save as, put a .bmp at the end of the name
2. change the "all picture" to "windows BMP image (*.bmp)
3. save it in the emblem folder in your RO file

..... DING!

its done..

< if u try it n din work.. dont blame me.. im still noob at xplaining thngs>

asal bar kat bwh tu censored square??
don ban me madafaka..
asal bar kat bwh tu censored square??

darkeater Post at 2-6-2010 22:25
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